IP-M Isolation Pad for Studio Monitor (Medium, Single)

Catalog Number: IP-M

MSRP: $20.89

The medium IP-M Isolation Pad from Auray is a monitor speaker isolation pad made from high-density acoustic foam. It is designed to decouple your monitor speakers from its resting surface by absorbing the monitor's vibrations. This stops reverberation through the desk or speaker stands, therefore preventing unwanted resonance. Removing these unwelcome vibrations results in greater depth of field, tighter low end and transient response, and a higher level of detail across the frequency spectrum.

Set at Three Different Angles

Up position: Angle your speakers up for desktop use
Down position: Angle your speakers down for use on a monitor bridge or shelf
Flat position: Flip the pads upside down to set your speakers flat on adjustable speaker stands

Surface Area 10.25 x 13" (26 x 33 cm)
Dimensions 10.25 x 14.5" (26 x 36.8 cm)
  • One-Year Limited Warranty


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Catalog: LMS-335

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